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The feature of the lithium polymer battery(2)


Lithium polymer battery (Li polymer, also known as polymer lithium ion battery) has many advantages such as high specific energy, miniaturization, ultra-thin, lightweight and high safety. Based on such advantages, lithium polymer batteries can be made into batteries of any shape and capacity, so as to meet the needs of various products; And it uses aluminum-plastic packaging, internal problems can be immediately shown through the outer packaging, even if there are potential safety hazards, it will not explode, but will swell. In polymer battery, electrolyte plays the dual functions of diaphragm and electrolyte: on the one hand, it separates the positive and negative electrode materials like diaphragm, so that there is no self discharge and short circuit in the battery; on the other hand, it conducts lithium ions between the positive and negative electrodes like electrolyte. Polymer electrolyte not only has good conductivity, but also has the characteristics of light weight, good elasticity and easy film formation of polymer materials. It also conforms to the development trend of light weight, safety, high efficiency and environmental protection of chemical power supply